What is the difference between a standard buckle collar and a martingale collar?


Standard Buckle Dog Collars (also called Side Release Dog Collars)  are what most customers are familiar with. This type of collar has a side release buckle, which opens and closes by squeezing the sides of the buckle and pulling or pushing.      


A martingale collar is made with two loops. The large loop is placed around the dogs neck and adjusted to fit loosely.  The leash is then clipped to the D-ring on the small loop.  When the dog tries to pull its head out of the collar, the tension on the leash pulls the small loop taunt, which makes the large loop smaller and tighter on the neck-- preventing escape.  When adjusted properly the dog is never choked, but the collar stays snug around the dog's neck (just behind the ears) until the pressure is released. 




A Martingale collar  remains loose and comfortable when not in use and is fitted to the exact size of the dog's neck when the dog collar is pulled closed.  AKC Dog Show Owners prefer the Martingale Collar because it does not damage the fur and will not crush the trachea. Many trainers have started to recommend Martingale Collars because they prefer itsgentle choke over the choke chain. Others have learned about Martingale Collars and have made the switch just because they like them better than traditional dog collars.

Please note that the two slides should not touch.  Originally designed for dogs with neck larger than their heads, martingale collars have become popular with owners of all types of dogs.  If you are considering a martingale collar for your dog, it is important to take the proper measurements.

What is a Martingale collar with a REDUCER?

A 1 1/2" or 2" collar Martingale collar with a reducer works the same way except that the collar's smaller loop where you hook the leash is narrower than the rest of the collar for a less bulky collar.  It works just as well and it's a matter of preference.  The advantage is that the smaller loop can match the leash.